Eggplant with Goat Cheese, Tomatoes, and Pine Nuts

If I could pick one food to have a fairytale romance with, it would be goat cheese. It is just that good. It can be sweet, it can be savory. It can be used in desserts. It can go on salad, or even on a steak. It is so versatile! This dish combines the salty creaminess of the goat cheese with the tang of tomatoes and the baked goodness of eggplant. There is even a link to a recipe for … Continued

Supreme Oral Health

Having a healthy mouth is important to your overall immune state. There are good and bad bacteria residing in our mouths. It’s our job to keep the optimal balance. Oral Supreme from Supreme Nutrition Products is a combination of oils that help keep this balance in favor of good bacteria. The Bad Guy…Biofilms Many people have bacteria, viruses and other microbes hiding in their mouths and under their gums. This is sometimes called dental biofilms. These microbes can move down … Continued

To All My Patients…This One’s For You

I was listening to Fox 2 News the other day and this beautiful voice caught my attention. Her name was Alise King and she was offering to sing a song for a loved one for sweetest day, which is today. Now we don’t normally celebrate sweetest day but I knew I wanted Alise to sing a song to the people I hold near and dear….you! So hear is a song just for you, from me and Alise…   Thank you … Continued

That Adjustment Where You Pull on my Head

From neck pain to shoulder pain to low back pain, when I was an associate with the dearly loved Dr. Rob Radtke, I noticed that there was one adjustment that patients favored over all others. It was called the hidden cervical disc technique. Weak Fibers Dr. Radtke worked closely with the founder of Applied Kinesiology, Dr. George Goodheart. Dr. Goodheart taught that many muscular-skeletal and nervous system issues could be caused by a weakness in the fibers that make up … Continued

Dr. Stacey’s Favorite Immune Boosters

It’s almost that season again. The one where a little sniffle starts, then a little cough, and then a little tired. Let’s keep the immune system strong with good sleep, stress lowering techniques, clean water, and immune boosters. I’m going to share with you my favorite immune boosters. I have over fifteen immune-boosting products in my clinic. That doesn’t even include digestive enzymes that, when deficient, are so necessary to destroy bugs we encounter in our food. Here are a … Continued

Savory Vegetable Tian

The different vegetables used in this tian bring together all the vibrant colors of autumn. The orange of the sweet potato, the yellow of the squash and yellow beets, the reds of the red beets and tomato, and the hint of green of the zucchini. It is truly beautiful, delicious, and healthy. What is a Tian? A tian is a french dish that consists of overlapping vegetables baked in typically round earthenware. Once prepared it goes from the oven to … Continued

Screen Addiction and Our Mental State

“Ben, put your phone down!” or “Noah, you just bought a video game and now you want another one?!” are phrases commonly heard in our household. Every generation goes through this. Music, then television, and now screen time. The only difference between the TV screens we were addicted to and the screens our kids are addicted to, is that we couldn’t pick up our TVs and carry them around to watch 24/7. A Psychiatrist Reaches Out for Screen Awareness Have … Continued

A Case of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Stomach pain is a common symptom that I see in my clinic. I am always interested in how my colleagues treat the same conditions that I see in my practice. The following case is that of one of my colleagues,  Dr. Ronald Grisanti of South Carolina. He is the amazing founder of A Case of Gut Inflammation A woman came into his clinic with the main complaint of mucus and blood in her stool. She was diagnosed by her … Continued

NF-kappa B: How To Turn Down The Heat

Remember NF-kappa B is a protein that controls the expression of DNA and responds to stress in your environment. That stress can be almost anything… a fight, a virus, cigarette smoke, a head injury or even exposure to an allergic food. It is a good thing when we need to increase inflammation to fight a virus but it is a bad thing when it turns on and doesn’t turn off, even after the trigger is gone. How Can I Test … Continued

NF-kappa B: How It Contributes To Your Pain

NF-kappa B or NF-kB is not a rock band. It’s a protein complex in our body that can be responsible for all kinds of mischief. It’s important if you are fighting viruses and the like, but when this system turns on and doesn’t turn off it sends you into a world of trouble. Let’s talk about why. What is NF-kB? NF-kB is the captain of your DNA expression. Just like a captain of a ship responds to wind conditions, the … Continued