Energy Drinks… What’s the big deal?

Every time I research a subject I end up going down a rabbit hole of information. That happened when I was researching a post I’m writing on focus. Caffeine is commonly used to help with focus and kids are always asking me why energy drinks are so bad for you if they contain the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee or a supplement for focus. After 15 to 30 minutes of consuming caffeine, you will experience a heightened … Continued

Focus Drugs: Have They Sucked You In Yet?

Focus drugs sales, also called smart drugs, like Adderall and Ritalin are at an all-time high. In our dog-eat-dog world, everyone from elementary students to college students to business owners are looking for leverage. Often times this comes in the form of performance. Focus drugs, energy drinks, and even some nutritional products are being used to enhance performance, productivity and focus. From parents to professionals, the question being asked is: Can they get the grade? Will I be able to close … Continued

Garlic Magic

You probably aren’t looking for another pumpkin recipe. The next few months I’m going to share recipes that, when combined, create one of my favorite meals. All have wonderful health benefits that I can’t wait to share. As we approach cold and flu season let’s start with an ancient remedy that is now commonly prescribed in many doctor’s offices due to its wide range of healing properties. Garlic. When the kids were little we would crush fresh garlic, mix it … Continued

How to Stock a Holistic Medicine Cabinet

A holistic medicine cabinet is essential for every home. The side effects of over the counter medications are many and not necessary when we have such great natural alternatives. My kitchen and bathroom are so full of supplement bottles that it’s a danger to open the cabinets for fear of a bottle avalanche. You don’t have to have cabinets like mine. I’ve shortened the list to what I think is essential because you don’t need to be overwhelmed and because … Continued

The Green Breakfast Bowl

The Green Breakfast Bowl is this month’s featured recipe. It’s a delicious way to sneak in some dark green veggies and some brain-boosting avocado. Breakfast can be the hardest meal to eat healthily. When faced with bagels, cereal, pancakes, muffins, and waffles it’s hard to reheat dinner and enjoy it. Breakfast can be a beautiful thing. A time when you dust off the sleepiness of the night and welcome in the blossoming of the day. Poetic, right? But seriously, breakfast … Continued

Back-to-School Lunch Survival Guide

Ugh, back-to-school lunches can strike terror in the heart of a health-minded parent. At least it did for me. Summer is a great time to let our guard down and indulge in summer fun. Sugared cereal, ice cream, and s’mores are typical summer fare. Once we return to reality, and back-to-school/back-to-work, we reign in our eating habits and look to a healthier diet. One of the most frequent questions I get asked is “what to pack for school lunches?” So, I’d … Continued

5 Health Tips Every (College) Student Must Know

I can’t believe that my son is starting college and in anticipation of this life-changing event I created this list of what I think to be the the most important health tips every college student must know. I still have vivid memories waiting in the nursery school library. I’d try to catch the eye of any teacher that walked by for reassurance that my baby wasn’t a crying lunatic in class. Guess who is the crying lunatic now? I’m going to … Continued

Bikram Yoga and the Crazy Benefits of Sweating Your A@@ Off

We spend loads of money on antiperspirants, dry wick clothing, and air conditioning trying to keep from sweating. So why would anyone purposefully sweat? Detox, endorphins, and regulation of body temperature are my top three. Let’s investigate the reasons to purposefully sweat and my favorite ways to do it. Some people sweat too much and some people not enough. The thyroid gland is your body’s thermostat. If your thyroid is over-functioning one of the symptoms you may experience is too … Continued

How to Balance Sun Exposure with Sun Protection

If you live in a place with sun year round you may not be as excited as a person like me, from Michigan, to bask in the rays of the sun come June. While we only survive because we have the sun. We also have many fears around the exposure we can get from it. Finding a balance between sun exposure and sun protection is key. Here are some pointers: Humans make vitamin D in the presence of sunlight. We … Continued

Bug Bite 101: Top 10 Tips to Do First

Bug bites go with summer like marshmallows go with campfires. As much as we cover, spray, and zap they are still out there annoying the hell out of us. Most bites are not anything to fret over but you need to know which ones require immediate attention. If you are in a wooded or high grass area, check for ticks. Ticks are sneakier than mosquitoes because they don’t buzz so you don’t know they are coming and they can bite … Continued