Muscle Testing And How I Use It In My Practice

Applied kinesiology or manual muscle testing for health has become popular in the past few years. I have used muscle testing with my patients for all of the 25 years I have been in practice. The first to correlate weak muscles regaining strength with chiropractic treatment, Dr. George Goodheart, coined the term applied kinesiology and taught the technique he defined starting in 1964. My cousin and mentor, Rob Radtke, worked with Dr. Goodheart and years later I worked with Rob. … Continued

Butternut Squash and Pecan Souffle and Vitamin A

Combine roasted butternut squash, silky maple syrup, and crunchy pecans and you get the makings for a dish that sings Autumn in Michigan. I can’t wait to share this recipe with you! My friend and teacher, Jill Beckman, made this for a dinner she hosted last month and we all could not get enough of it. The health benefits of butternut squash A one cup serving can contain almost 500 mg of potassium. This electrolyte mineral keeps the brain, muscles, … Continued

Skin Health Starts On The Inside

If you have skin, and I know you do, at some point you have had an issue with it. Acne, hives, Eczema, Psoriasis are all skin conditions that can have their root cause in the gut. Today we will explore that and I will include a PowerPoint of the presentation I did for Oakland County this week. Thank you to all the workshop attendees that participated. Your skin is the first line of defense It is your number one barrier … Continued

Raise Your Eyebrows. Three Steps for Healthy Habits

What does it take to get into your groove and stay there? Our health is our happiness, so getting into healthy habits, that keep us healthy, contributes to our sunny disposition as well. Emotional well-being and physical well-being go hand-in-hand. One will influence the other and, sometimes, we have more control over one so we start there. Today lets focus on how to be consistent with being physically active. It doesn’t matter if you are walking around the neighborhood, lifting … Continued

Interview with Professional Chef Nicole Bunting

Have you ever met a professional chef? I am super excited to introduce you to our local (metro Detroit area) personal professional chef, Nicole Bunting. She owns It’s Just Food. I had the pleasure of attending a cooking class she was teaching. She is a fun and engaging teacher and we had a great time and an even better meal. Her hummus is like crack (so I asked her to share her recipe with you) and she also had us make … Continued

Embracing Our Shadow

Going through a mid-life awakening Have you had it with trying to be perfect all the time? Has the novelty of being a “Stepford” person worn off? If it has, you might consider playing with your “shadow”.  This is something I am going through as well and I am now embracing my “shadow”.  Author Robert Bly and my mentor Rob Radtke would be proud. The shadow is the hidden part of your self that you keep stuffing down because it isn’t … Continued

Diabetic Neuropathy

Nothing is scarier than having a symptom that persists. If you are experiencing weakness, numbness, pain, tingling, or burning in your hands or feet that does not go away and you also have been battling a blood sugar problem, you may have diabetic neuropathy. If you haven’t been getting blood work done you may not even know you have a blood sugar problem so make sure to get your lab work done at least once a year. Early symptoms of … Continued

Un-Fried Bloomin’ Onion

This recipe is amazing! Noah and I will eat it as a meal and I’ve been known to make 6 at a time just so I don’t run out. With or without the accompanying sauce it is a great dish. If you have ever had a “Bloomin’ Onion” at Outback Steakhouse you will understand the draw. A beautiful display of a gigantic onion all spread out like a battered and fried exotic flower, and it’s about a gazillion calories (not … Continued

Increase Your Blood Flow for Optimal Health and Recovery

Increase Blood Flow with BEMER Therapy by Eileen Harryvan Have you ever wondered why you don’t recover from the daily grind and heal as quickly as you once did? In the past we could run around all day, stretching our bodies to the limit, then fall into a deep sleep, wake refreshed and do it all over again – as we age this beautiful capacity seems to slip away. A major factor often overlooked is blood flow in our smallest … Continued

Anti-Aging, Improved Circulation and Restful Sleep

We have some exciting news!! Our clinic will now be offering a new therapy that focuses on anti-aging, improved circulation and healthy sleep with Eileen Harryvan, a BEMER Therapy practitioner. This month we are posting about this amazing cutting-edge technology that can help many different health issues. Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation, or BEMER, uses pulsed electromagnetic field technology (PEMF) to increase blood circulation in the small blood vessels of the circulatory system. This increases the transportation of nutrients and oxygen more readily throughout … Continued