You Want Me To Do What?!

Ok, do you see that title? Now I want you to hear it in an incredulous voice from your traditional, old school, doctor. “YOU WANT ME TO DO WHAT?!!!” That is what my patients hear when they go to their very conservative doctor and ask them to run the list of lab tests I want to review. Sigh. Let me tell you a story that you might be able to relate to. My mom thought doctors were gods. Yep. I … Continued

Gosh, When Did I Get So Tired?

“I’m Soooo Tired.” Unresolved fatigue is one of the main reasons people seek me out. Over the next few posts, I will take you through a patient journey from fatigued to energized. When fatigue hits you suddenly, we often find the cause quickly. Things that can make you feel like a bus hit you: A bacterial infection A viral infection Lack of sleep A sudden stressful situation And sometimes, something more serious can all make you feel like hell. Lucky … Continued

Tired and Crampy? Hydrate with Electrolytes

Tired and Crampy? Hydrate with Electrolytes Hydration isn’t just about drinking water, it’s also replenishing essential minerals called electrolytes. You know you need electrolytes if you exercise to the point of sweating, sweat for any other reason, drink a good amount of coffee or alcohol, get leg cramps or muscle cramps or have diarrhea (I know, ewww, yuk 🤢 💩 and unfortunate for many people) Proper hydration is one of the main focuses in The Supercharged Method. If your energy … Continued

Happy Thanksgiving

We will be open Friday November 26 and Sunday November 28, 2021. If you cannot find an appointment online, call our office at 248-213-1332. Have a wonderful holiday of gratefulness. We are so grateful for you.

Holiday Happenings

Happy Holiday Season! In this post you will find: A workshop that puts PEP in your STEP A bundle of immune boosting superheros A delicious cup of hot spiciness Feeling a bit pooped? No get up and go? Join us for a fun and interactive workshop that will give you the tools to spring into action. You will meet fitness coach Brian Boettcher who will teach us movements to fight fatigue. You will also meet Dr Julie Kwon Evans who … Continued

Supplement Flash Sale

Supplement Flash Sale!! 20% Off All Supplements 10/18/21-10/22/21 As I start to write this, I’ve left the men-folk at home and I am flying over Cincinnati Ohio on my way to Tampa Florida. It is a three-part trip that I’ve been looking forward to for some time. I will be at a convention for women chiropractors where I will learn new chiropractic techniques that will benefit you and the conditions you see me for. As well as mind-melding with some … Continued

Hemp Heart Pesto Salmon

This recipe is absolutely delicious and so easy to make. You get to put your food processor or blender to work and if you have a nut sensitivity, this recipe will have you loving the versatility of hemp hearts. RICH IN ANTIOXIDANTS The green leaves of basil contain vitamins A and C which are great antioxidants that protect your cells from damage. It also contains vitamin K which helps direct calcium out of your bloodstream and into your bones where … Continued


We have settled in to our new space and we can’t wait for you to visit. It turned out beautiful. I especially love how the blue walls pulls out the tinge of blue in the carpet and how spacious it all feels. We are here for you: For your nutritional needs. We have our cabinets stocked with supplements to support your system on it’s journey to health or to stay there. For chiropractic needs. Whether you have neck pain, back … Continued

Chiro Kids Rock!

I love all my patients but the kids I love the most. Especially the ones that have learned to go to their parents to request my services. I have a high level high school diver. He came in with back pain between his shoulder blades. When I muscle tested him we were clearly able to see that his back muscles pulled his spine out of alignment. He felt much better after his adjustment and when his back feels better and … Continued

Lemon Turkey Vegetable Soup (Vegan Option)

Florida and Hawaii seem to be the only states in the U.S. that don’t need this recipe right now. It is cold in places that shouldn’t be cold. A recipe for an antioxidant-bursting comfort food is just what the doctor ordered. This delicious citrusy vegetable soup can be combined with turkey, chicken or shrimp. If you want to go the vegan route, beans or organic tofu are good options. I have made a lemon version and a lime version. Both … Continued