Conquer Binge Eating

Do you eat great all day long and then suddenly consume everything in sight? You aren’t alone. There are many triggers to binge eating. Skipping meals, boredom, depression, and loneliness are a few. Different methods work for different people. If you don’t know what method works best for you, give them each a try and note which one gives you more comfort and less binging.  Let’s go over what we can do to stop this unwanted behavior. Preventing Deprivation  Some … Continued

Do You Have Sticky Cells? A Five Minute Oxidative Stress Test Will Tell You

If you are worried about heart disease you need to worry about oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is what makes LDL cholesterol sticky and sticky LDL cholesterol can cause blockage of your arteries. There is a test that allows you to determine the level of stress on your body caused by oxidative stress, or free radical activity, and it only takes five minutes.  Adequate antioxidant intake from fruit, vegetables, and nutritional supplements combat oxidative stress. It’s important to know if you … Continued

A Furry Remedy

Want to know what the latest studies show is the best gift to a loved one who has had a heart attack? A dog. These studies show that owning a dog decreases the risk of having a cardiovascular event and having better outcomes if there is an event. Other benefits of having a pet are… Decreased blood pressure Lowered cholesterol levels Improved triglyceride levels Decreased feelings of loneliness Increased opportunities for exercise and outdoor activities Increased opportunities for socialization Allergies … Continued

Charcuterie for Two or Twenty (No Matter Your Eating Style)

This Valentine’s Day make a picnic-like meal for you and the one, or ones, you love, even if that “one” is the wonderful you. I hate making decisions especially when it comes to making meals. I do love variety, samples, small plates, appetizers, pot lucks and the like. So when I discovered the snacking sensation of a charcuterie board, I basically found heaven. It’s fun to have a little bit of everything and that is what a charcuterie board provides. … Continued

Improve Your Memory

As we grow older we may come down with a condition called CRS, also called Can’t Remember Sh*t! Sometimes it’s due to hormonal changes or toxicity or nutrient depletion.  Today I want to share a study with you that gives great hope to those of us who suffer from CRS. Age-Associated Memory Impairment (AAMI) Age-Associated Memory Impairment is not Alzheimer’s Disease although it may develop into it. The criteria for this diagnosis are… Over the age of 50 Not demented … Continued

Prevent Colon Cancer Like Will Smith

Do you know what the actor, Will Smith, did? He got a colonoscopy. In doing so he was able to find out critical information that may change the course of his future. Let’s talk about colonoscopies, when and why you need one, how it works, risks and alternative options. Where is the Colon? When I think of colonoscopies I think of a universe-sized telescope looking into the future of our colon health. The colon is your large intestine, the tube … Continued

Prevent Your Brain from Shrinking

Alzheimer’s Disease is a debilitating condition that occurs when the neurons in the brain become unable to respond to insulin, the hormone used to control blood sugar.  These neurons are important for basic functions like memory and learning. This condition has recently been called Type 3 diabetes. Know your Blood Levels  One blood level marker used to measure blood sugar is called hemoglobin A1C. It is extremely useful in identifying what the average blood sugar level has been over the … Continued

New Year’s Anti-Resolution

Happy New Year!!! It is common to make resolutions for the new year. Things you’ve been wanting to do, think you should do, or have been told to do. Rarely do we do those things or stick to them. This year I vote for a New Year’s anti-resolution. Something Old That Worked What things have you consistently done in the last year that you are proud of, that made you happy or made you healthy? Since resolutions are thought of … Continued

Asian Immune-Boosting Soup

I’m Jewish. On Christmas, my family, and many other Jewish families, would indulge in Chinese food. We would have it other times as well but on Christmas it was special. We appreciated the owners of these restaurants since we didn’t have to brave the long lines at the grocery stores the days before Christmas to prepare meals or on the day of Christmas when they were the only places open. Easiest Soup Ever In honor of this wonderful culture, I … Continued

Vaping: 3 Important Facts You and Your Kids Should Know

Vaping is all the rage. It has been touted as safer than regular cigarettes but that just isn’t the case. Here is what you need to know: Vaping Causes EVALI EVALI is Electronic Cigarette (or vaping) Associated Lung Injury. 2,290 of EVALI have been reported in the United States and surrounding areas, with 47 deaths associated with this illness. Those suffering from EVALI can experience symptoms that look very much like the flu or other respiratory infections. Both flu, respiratory … Continued