Let’s Chat… On Zoom!

Let’s check in and discuss… how we are doing, what we are doing to keep ourselves sane in the midst of this craziness, and the most dreaded…what to cook for dinner! Download the Zoom App on your phone or laptop here…it’s free! No need to get the paid version.  At 10 am this Friday April 17, 2020 join us here.     Remember to take your immune supportive supplements, get good sleep, eat healthy foods and think good thoughts. Dr … Continued

Help From The Comfort of Your Home

I love to see your lovely faces but I understand the need to stay out of public places at the moment. Although I cannot do a chiropractic adjustment remotely, let me tell you what I can do and why we set up an online or phone consultation option.   Stomach Aches If you have been having stomach aches let’s get them resolved. A large number of patients I see either come to me because of stomach pain or gut symptoms … Continued

Notice of Temporary Closure

It’s Time for a Staycation I just adore you all and I want to keep you all healthy. I would love to safely see you, but there is no way that I can adjust you or muscle test you and also respect the social distancing that is recommended to keep us from transmitting COVID-19, the Corona Virus. I do want to give you as much support as I can during this time so the following are some suggestions. Pain: If you have muscle or joint … Continued

Dr. Stacey’s Irish Green Smoothie

Spring is just around the corner but the flu and dreaded Coronavirus is the talk of the town. Instead of freaking out, let’s concentrate on boosting our immune system. Start with this green smoothie that is immune-boosting and has antiviral properties. You can juice this if you’d like. I like to blend it to keep the fiber. The green Superhero I love fresh parsley. It’s great in salads but, just like spinach, it has a tendency to find it’s way … Continued

Conquer Binge Eating

Do you eat great all day long and then suddenly consume everything in sight? You aren’t alone. There are many triggers to binge eating. Skipping meals, boredom, depression, and loneliness are a few. Different methods work for different people. If you don’t know what method works best for you, give them each a try and note which one gives you more comfort and less binging.  Let’s go over what we can do to stop this unwanted behavior. Preventing Deprivation  Some … Continued

Do You Have Sticky Cells? A Five Minute Oxidative Stress Test Will Tell You

If you are worried about heart disease you need to worry about oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is what makes LDL cholesterol sticky and sticky LDL cholesterol can cause blockage of your arteries. There is a test that allows you to determine the level of stress on your body caused by oxidative stress, or free radical activity, and it only takes five minutes.  Adequate antioxidant intake from fruit, vegetables, and nutritional supplements combat oxidative stress. It’s important to know if you … Continued

A Furry Remedy

Want to know what the latest studies show is the best gift to a loved one who has had a heart attack? A dog. These studies show that owning a dog decreases the risk of having a cardiovascular event and having better outcomes if there is an event. Other benefits of having a pet are… Decreased blood pressure Lowered cholesterol levels Improved triglyceride levels Decreased feelings of loneliness Increased opportunities for exercise and outdoor activities Increased opportunities for socialization Allergies … Continued

Charcuterie for Two or Twenty (No Matter Your Eating Style)

This Valentine’s Day make a picnic-like meal for you and the one, or ones, you love, even if that “one” is the wonderful you. I hate making decisions especially when it comes to making meals. I do love variety, samples, small plates, appetizers, pot lucks and the like. So when I discovered the snacking sensation of a charcuterie board, I basically found heaven. It’s fun to have a little bit of everything and that is what a charcuterie board provides. … Continued

Improve Your Memory

As we grow older we may come down with a condition called CRS, also called Can’t Remember Sh*t! Sometimes it’s due to hormonal changes or toxicity or nutrient depletion.  Today I want to share a study with you that gives great hope to those of us who suffer from CRS. Age-Associated Memory Impairment (AAMI) Age-Associated Memory Impairment is not Alzheimer’s Disease although it may develop into it. The criteria for this diagnosis are… Over the age of 50 Not demented … Continued

Prevent Colon Cancer Like Will Smith

Do you know what the actor, Will Smith, did? He got a colonoscopy. In doing so he was able to find out critical information that may change the course of his future. Let’s talk about colonoscopies, when and why you need one, how it works, risks and alternative options. Where is the Colon? When I think of colonoscopies I think of a universe-sized telescope looking into the future of our colon health. The colon is your large intestine, the tube … Continued