When Achoo! Is Good For You- The trick to healing sinus and nasal infections

Sinus and nasal issues go with this season like hot cocoa and windshield scrapers. Whether you are suffering from sinus issues or nasal issues the answer rarely lies with a prescription for antibiotics. In fact, antibiotics often make these conditions worse. Let’s look into why the problems start at this time of year and natural ways to resolve them. As soon as we come indoors, shut our windows and blast the heat we have started drying out our mucous membranes. … Continued

Honor Bowl

One of my favorite meals comes from a small restaurant in Birmingham, Michigan. It’s called 2941 Mediterranean Street Food. For your bowl, you get to choose a protein, a sauce, two pickled vegetable sides, and a salad. You can add a grain and bread as well but I skip it. Even their mini bowls are so filling I don’t miss the extra carbs. The combinations are virtually endless. Over the last few months, I have shared recipes, that together, recreate … Continued

A Healthy Start Checklist for the New Year

I love fresh starts. When it comes to your health and wellness, what are your goals for this year? (Take this 9 question survey). I mostly hear from patients that weight loss, better-eating habits, and more exercise are at the top of their list. With your permission, I’d like to help you with your goals by sharing this healthy start checklist. My health and wellness goals this year: Discover what Pilates can do for me Continue to eat a low … Continued

3 Fabulous Health Benefits of Tandoori Chicken

We need protein to build and repair muscles. As we grow older we often lose muscle quicker than we can build it. This is why it is so important to lift weights or use resistance when we exercise as well as consume plenty of healthy protein like this month’s recipe of Tandoori Chicken. What better way to consume protein than this month’s recipe. Tandoori chicken is known for the cylindrical clay oven it’s cooked in called a tandoor but it … Continued

Anti-Stress Protocol: A Must-Have for the Holidays

We have talked all month about the Adrenal Glands, their function and the tests to evaluate them. Let’s now talk about what to do to heal them. Follow this anti-stress protocol daily and you will notice a difference within days. 7 am wake and drink a large glass of water to rehydrate yourself. Meditate for 15 minutes. Meditation helps relieve anxiety and depression. It can help improve attention and concentration. It can calm down our “monkey brain” and can make … Continued

How to Test for Adrenal Function

If you are feeling tired, depressed, anxious, and irritable; if your brain doesn’t seem to work right and you feel dizzy when you stand up too quickly. If you can’t fall asleep or stay asleep and seem to get sick all of the time… you might have adrenal fatigue. Often overlooked in the traditional medical world, functional medicine doctors investigate the cause of symptoms. All the way back to the organ systems and biochemical processes that might be contributing to … Continued

The Stress Gland: 4 Important Facts about Your Adrenal Glands

The concept of stress is being thrown around like a beach ball these days. But what is stress, really? This month let’s cover what stress really is and how your body uses your adrenal glands to keep your body in balance when stress comes knocking. Your adrenal glands release hormones that allow you to run or fight When was the last time you were scared? Not scared like, “I’m scared I won’t get the job” or “I’m scared my kid … Continued

Tech Overload: The Ups and Downs of Screen Time

I don’t know about you but I am guilty of Tech overload. Once I pick up my phone, hours can pass before I realize the time I have spent glued to the screen. Sometimes that is productive, like when I am doing research. Other times it isn’t, like when I scroll through Facebook or Pinterest. Some games help our brain like Words with Friends or chess. Some games don’t. So we can’t lump all screen time together as harmful but often … Continued

Easing Backpack Strain

Why in the world are kids carrying around 20 lb textbooks in their backpacks when everything has the ability to be digital? Don’t even get me started! Suffice it to say, they are, and it’s a pain in the back…and neck, and shoulders. The strain of continuous use of over-weighted backpacks is significant and can contribute to a multitude of issues such as: A strain on muscles Muscle fatigue Compression of the spine Misalignment of the neck, spine, shoulders, and … Continued

Text Neck: What You Need to Know

When you have been looking down at your phone so often that the muscles in your neck change their resting length and your vertebrae shift position from a forward curve to a straight or reverse curve you have developed a condition that is now referred to as text neck. Think of your head as a bowling ball and the muscles in the front and back of your neck as rubber bands. When you hold your head up straight the muscles … Continued