Guest Article by Self-Care Advocate Brad Krause

We are making it through the holiday season and with all the hustling and bustling we often forget to take proper care of ourselves. Today’s article is a gift from self-care advocate, Brad Krause. Welcome Brad Brad says… It’s not a stretch to say that our daily activities play a part in our overall health. Everything we do from the time we wake until we hit the sheets for the evening defines how we feel each day. But in a … Continued

Eliminate Pain and Anxiety with CBD Oil: Gummies, Capsules, Oil…Oh My!

CBD from hemp oil is being used by doctors around the world to help treat pain and anxiety. The opioid epidemic is pushing people to find safer alternatives and CBD oil may be one of them. Some lesser publicized benefits High in Omega 3’s (no mercury that can be found in some fish oils) Source of DHA for brain health Source of GLA for hormone balance (PMS and menstrual cramping) Encourages healthy gut flora Topically, a good skin moisturizer The … Continued

CBD Oil: All the benefits without the “high”

If you are experiencing difficulty sleeping, anxiety and depression you may have noticed that CBD oil is a hot topic. Let’s talk about what it is and what it does. Marijuana needs no formal introduction, it’s as popular as aspirin. Hemp is also a plant and has often been confused with marijuana. What’s the difference? Hemp and marijuana are two unique and different strains from the cannabis plant. Marijuana is known for its ability to cause a psychoactive response in … Continued

Have A Sweet Holiday

Entertaining season is here and I wanted you to have a recipe that would be good for sharing without the refined sugar and artificial colors. Not only is it quick and delicious but it shows how versatile a sweetener you will find dates to be. I have used dates in making caramel sauce and sweetening carrot cake. Delicious Dates Dates provide the body with the vitamins and minerals it needs for digestion, detoxification, and brain function. Fiber, potassium, copper, and … Continued

Resolve Dry Eye: An Interview with Dr. Phil Elston

Interview with Dr. Phil Elston of Clarity Advanced Eyecare and Michigan Dry Eye Center I would like you to meet a doctor who created Michigan’s premier dry eye center, Dr. Phil Elston. We met in a business group a few years ago. His thoroughness, excellent care, and cutting-edge technology are just some of the reasons I send all of my patients to him for eye care. Plus, he is a really nice guy. His practice is on Old Woodward in Birmingham. … Continued

Thermography: Why Our “Girls” Love Them

Thermography is a great addition to your preventative healthcare program. It is mainly used as another tool in addition to palpation, mammography, ultrasound, and MRI to detect breast cancer. It can also be used for the detection of other conditions. Let’s talk. How Thermography Works Thermography is a process that takes thousands of temperature measurements directed to a computer that creates a picture divided by color that can detect tissue changes in the body. In our practice, we use it predominantly … Continued


Turmeric: The Miracle Spice

Looking like a runty weird root with a bright orange core, the root Curcuma longa contains a spice that has health benefits called, turmeric. Turmeric contains curcumin, this active ingredient is found to have so many benefits to the human body it is considered a miracle spice. Balancing Blood Sugar Curcumin from turmeric can help balance blood sugar by making the cells more sensitive to the signal created by insulin. Insulin has receptor sites on cells that send a signal … Continued

Soup Season is Here

The air is cooler, the wind is brisker, and the sky is darker. It must be fall. Time for sweaters and blankets and soup. Soup is a comfort food. It nurtures us, reminds us of being taken care of, and can be full of healthy ingredients that nourish us. This month’s recipe is of a rich, creamy, smoky vegetable soup that is hearty enough to be a meal. Blender Love I love my Vitamix. We use it to make smoothies … Continued

Detox After Flu Shot

The flu shot has a list of ingredients that you wouldn’t put into your body willingly. Formaldehyde, aluminum salts, and mercury are just a few of the scary ingredients. If you are forced to get the flu shot or if you choose to get the flu shot (no judgment) there are some things that will help your body deal with the toxic ingredients that are injected. Vitamin C, before and after Vitamin C is necessary for a healthy immune system. … Continued

How to Avoid a Healing Crisis

Have you ever had a natural treatment and you temporarily got worse before you got better? This is common and it is called a healing crisis. Whenever I see a new patient I will tell them that they may experience this. Let’s cover a few reasons this can happen. Detox When you start a liver cleanse you can often feel flu-ish with headaches, body aches, and lethargy. This is often due to detoxing at a rate that is greater than … Continued