What’s the Deal about Fasting for Health?

Fasting has gotten a lot of press in the holistic (and not-so-holistic) world lately.  Nutritional Fasting is going without food for an extended period of time. This doesn’t mean going without water. In fact, water is essential when you are fasting. Although the terms fasting, intermittent fasting, fasting mimicking diet, and calorie restriction are all different, for the purpose of this article we will not differentiate. Fasting is not an excuse to eat crappy. It is to enhance your health and … Continued

Do You Eat from Emotions or Hunger? 3 Powerful Tips.

Out of all of the things that I have learned while on the Fasting Mimicking Diet the most enlightening to me was how much I eat when I am not actually hungry. I found it fascinating how small the amount of food it actually took to make me satiated when I was rationing what I was able to eat each day. By satiated, I mean how much food it took to take away that gnawing feeling that feels like a line of … Continued

Healthy Solutions to the 3 Most Common Men’s Issues

It’s not only men that come to me with men’s issues. It’s also the women who love or care about them. So whether you are a man or a woman, this post is for you. The three most common men’s issues that we see at the clinic are prostate problems, low libido, and erectile dysfunction. As a functional medicine practitioner, my goal is to get to the root of the problem. You will notice that the root of the problem … Continued

Simple Solutions For the 5 Most Common Golf Injuries

If it’s golf season, it’s also golf injury season. When the snow disappears and the greens dry up, I know to expect golfers coming through my clinic. It could be the one who has binge-watched all their favorite Netflix shows during those cold winter months. Suddenly they can’t stand up straight after golfing 18 holes.  It could be the one whose grip was so tight that their hand has been numb for a week. It could be the one who … Continued

Simple Steps to a Healthy and Scrumptious Barbecue

Oh Barbecue! When I think of summer my senses come alive. I feel the sand on my feet, see the rolling waves of the great lakes, enjoy the taste of watermelon, revel in the sound of a crackling campfire and swoon at the smell of a barbecue. Every year for the last 10 years my family has joined five other families camping all around Michigan. We have watched the kids grow as our tolerance for pitching a tent has dwindled … Continued

It’s Father’s Day! A Month for the Papas

It’s no wonder that we celebrate Father’s Day in the month of June. It’s the time for golf and tennis and grilling. This month we are going to share great deals for dad, a BBQ recipe, a common sports injury handbook, and healthy solutions to those, discrete, manly problems. Let’s start with some great deals. Sometimes the men in our lives need some incentive to keep themselves healthy so we are offering $20.00 off an appointment with Dr. Francis if scheduled … Continued

Win Your Way To Physical Fitness

3 Ways to Win a Free Visit with Dr. Francis or Massage Therapist, An’ Marie and Rock Your Physical Fitness! It’s National Physical Fitness and Sports month. What a better way to celebrate this beloved holiday than to move our bodies and earn prizes. I want to introduce you to my three, favorite body moving activities that help prevent or recover from injuries and increase performance in other sports or just in life. This one you have probably heard of, … Continued

Oh, How I Love A Dinner Party!

I can remember my parents’ dinner parties when I was a kid. Relegated to the upstairs, I would sneak down to snitch food every so often. I would run like the dickens back upstairs when I was spotted. A multi-layered Jello mold was my mom’s signature dish. She would painstakingly create it over five days leading up to the dinner since she needed to attend to each unique layer separately. My dad would make the fried rice and his own barbecue … Continued

Make Some Smart Substitutions for A Healthier Take on Chicken Piccata

If you know the secret to finding meals that the entire family likes, please share. Our family has a small handful of favorite recipes that we use weekly and at the top of our list is chicken Piccata. Deliciously breaded, thick-sauced chicken piccata. I have many patients with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, which means gluten is not their friend. In fact, to their immune system, their thyroid gland looks a lot like gluten (called molecular mimicry) so when there is gluten in … Continued

Mother’s Day Gifts You Haven’t Thought Of

I miss my mother every day but especially on Mother’s Day. She was smart and kind and loved to laugh, which is why she married my dad. He not only made her laugh, he cherished her and taught us to as well. These days I honor my mother by cherishing myself in ways my husband and my boys wouldn’t think of. Mother’s day gifts for yourself A housecleaner. Even just once a blue moon is worth the feeling of having … Continued