Buddy Up: As if you Needed Another Reason to get a Massage with An’ Marie.

Here Comes the Sun

With the promise of sun on our faces and feet in the grass, spring is a great time to recharge our batteries. Make sure to include massage with An’ Marie for added relaxation, detoxification, muscle lengthening, and improved lymphatic flow.

Spread the Word

Any referral for a massage in 2018 gets you ten dollars off towards your next massage service. All you have to do is refer a client, friend or family member and after they receive their first massage and mention you as their referral you’ll get ten dollars off your next massage.

April Bonus

For the month of April if you book a brown sugar foot scrub in addition to your massage service, you’ll receive $10 off. Just mention this post to An’ Marie. Book it here, and make a note that you are adding on a foot scrub.

Our feet certainly do not get the attention they deserve. Stuffed into stiff shoes all day, barely moving, especially if you work at a desk. Feet need love too! A foot massage can improve circulation to the lower leg, particularly important if you are diabetic. It can help mobilize the ankle joint to help keep proper alignment and function. Foot massage can also help ease plantar fasciitis and reduce swelling in the ankles.

So don’t forget your twinkle toes and take advantage of our April offer.

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